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Have you been admiring those beautiful flower patterns and designs on doors, windows and ceiling and wondering where to get them? Look no further, Good Fundi will connect you with the best in having you have the same. If you are looking for CNC carvings of metallic or wood for the office partition, religious place or home, we got you back. Fill in the form and let us get in touch with you wherever you are.

A CNC machine is a motorized maneuverable tool and often a motorized maneuverable platform, which are both controlled by a computer, according to specific input instructions. Instructions are delivered to a CNC machine in the form of a sequential program of machine control instructions. The program can be written by a person or, far more often, generated by graphical computer-aided design software. In the case of 3D printers, the part to be printed is “sliced”, before the instruction (or the program) is generated.


What We Do

We shall connect you with our carpenters who are able to serve you in;

  • Office partitioning facades
  • 2D and 3D door designs
  • Lamu / Swahili doors
  • Pattern cut out on wood and metals
  • Customized portrait
  • Carvings for windows
  • Signature markings on metals and wood
  • Window louvers
  • Engraving on gifts and precious objects of metallic or wood
  • Carvings on the curtain boxes
  • Kitchen cabinets beautification

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When you book for CNC services through the Good Fundi platform, your pro will have all the benefits of on-the-job training. While courses and paperwork might be all you need to pass exams and certifications, there’s just no substitute for experience. Your CNC operator will have honed their skills over the years working on a broad range of carving jobs. Whether you need help with a door carving, ceiling façade or even an office partition design, the Good Fundi platform will connect you with the right service professional with the right experience.

Skilled and Capable

Wherever carving is concerned, you want to know that you’ve booked the best carving for the job. All the woodworks contractors on the Good Fundi platform are background checked, so you know you’re not letting a complete stranger into your home or office. Every pro is rated and reviewed by past customers as well, so you can rest assured that they have a track record of excellence. Whether you need a single wood carving for a quick job, or someone to help come up with door’s designs, the Good Fundi platform helps connect you with the best possible.


Whether you work in a busy office or are a stay-at-home parent, there’s nothing worse than waiting for hours for carving service provider to turn up. When you book carving services through the Good Fundi platform, you can be sure that they’ll turn up on time and ready to work. Using the Good Fundi website, you can pick the time you want your pro to arrive. Get on with the important things in your day, secure in the knowledge that carving works help is on its way.


Make changes to your carving service right on the website. And if you need extra help, the Good Fundi customer service team is always available. If you’ve got an emergency, you can book to arrive as soon as tomorrow morning. If you’re buying a new property and want a fully-qualified residential façade ceiling, just name the date. Using the Good Fundi platform to book your pro puts you in charge of when the work gets done. Should your situation change, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment—we just ask that you provide 24 hours’ notice.

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