Our mission is to make ownership of investment/rental properties profitable & hassle-free. Not only do we anticipate your complete satisfaction, but we also depend on it! We offer a full range of services tailored to you whether you are an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We manage stand-a-lone houses, as well as commercial space and apartment blocks in Kenya. Sleep easy at night knowing your property is being managed by a team with years of experience.

Management Services Include:

  • Tenant Screenings: We meet with every prospective tenant and do a complete background check that includes credit, criminal, and rental history.
  • Complete move-in/out process.
  • Tenant Communications: Create a win/win relationship with tenants to encourage good stewardship of our clients’ property.
  • Rent collection and deposits straight into your designated account.
  • Coordination of maintenance requests and 24-hour emergency availability.
  • Eviction services

Why Invest in Rental Property?

There are many excellent reasons to invest in rental property. It is well known that real estate generally appreciates. With proper maintenance and good economic factors, the property will usually be worth more in a few years than when you bought it. Rentals are currently in high demand because many people today love this low commitment, minimal maintenance option. You can also save on taxes by deducting expenses such as maintenance, mortgage interest, and property taxes from rental income, reducing taxable income. Earn money while enjoying life! You provide the initial investment, our team will do the rest.

What Sets Us Apart?

When you work with Good Fundi, you know you are working with experts in the real estate market. We stay on top of landlord/tenant laws and legislation and have experience dealing with all sorts of property and tenancy issues. We will make sure your lease covers your property well, as well as collecting and keeping your tenants accountable for on-time rent payments so that you can have a worry-free rental experience. We inspect our properties to make sure they are well maintained, and if a problem does arise, we have a network of qualified vendors to help get it fixed.

Benefits of renting your property with Good Fundi:

  • No tenant? No problem. We aggressively market our rental properties to find the right tenant for you. We use the same marketing outlets as our for-sale homes to generate maximum exposure. Our homes average under 30 days on the market and we have 4 buyer representatives to show your property to prospective tenants at any time.
  • Direct deposit of all checks into a designated account.
  • Quarterly Inspections of all our properties.
  • We work with most property warranty companies.
  • No fees for coordinating repairs. Only the true cost of the job will be deducted from your monthly deposit and we do not require any owner reserves. We also have a strong network of reputable vendors to get the job done right.
  • No junk fees and no annual fees. We only charge a fair monthly fee for managing your properties.

If you are looking for personalized service with thoughtful and attentive communication to manage your rental properties, then Good Fundi is the team for you. Contact us today to learn more about our rental management services.