5 Things to consider before hiring an Electrician

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We cannot deny the fact that electrical emergencies can happen anytime and for this reason, it is always imperative to prepare. When it comes to repairing your property’s electric circuit, you don’t want an unprofessional messing up with your wires, cables, fuses, breakers, and whatnots. Having a reliable electrician could be the real difference when it comes to saving an electricity disaster waiting to happen. One way to stay ready is by having a service provider that you trust and can call for help at liberty. I tremble, even thinking of allowing a stranger with no credibility into my house or even office to see why the electrical connections are not working fine. I assume you feel the same.

Today, I’ll share with you some useful tips that we have kept in our mind before we go ahead and connect you with an electrician:

  1. Level of Professionalism:

It is important that we establish a professional understanding of your potential electrician. We can be able to tell about someone’s professionalism from the first time we call him or her. The way our questions are answered and how we get feedback will tell us a lot. Our good electrician will accord you courtesy and treat you as important. If someone shows us all these, then it is more likely they know what they are doing and will do a great job for you, that is then we consider them for a job via our platform. If they do not pass this test we can’t connect him or her to any of our clients.

  1. Experience:

Electrical work is not a gambling thing; it requires practice and experience. Thus, we evaluate the experience of all potential electricians who sign up to join our team. We ask them if they have had to deal with a situation that you booked us in for. We ask them to share referrals and testimonials. An electrician who is good and takes their clientele seriously will always keep references and testimonials at hand. They would understand how important it is to gain their potential client’s trust. We ask them if they can give any references of their past customers. If they can’t, we move to our next in line. If they can prove that they have quite an experience in this field, then we are can comfortably give out the job to them. It would be so hurting to go against our Good Fundi customer guarantee.

  1. Up-To-Date Training:

Electrical is a dynamic field, and it keeps changing every day. Therefore, electricians need continued training to keep pace with these changes. As we search for the best electrician to connect you with, we assess their training and see if it is in accord with current practices. We do not want to sign-up someone who does not understand the latest technologies only makes a mess out of our clients’ job.

  1. Service Expenses:

We know how much low you would like to be charged but get the best of service. That is crucial in our process to find the right electrician for you. We go to great lengths to negotiate the rates to have the fair and in accord with the kind of service you should be getting. While a cheap bid may not be in your best interest, an expensive one is not what will always give you great results.

  1. Certified and Insured:

The work of an electrician can impact an entire neighborhood or even a city. If a job is done poorly, many lives are at stake. This is why at Good Fundi, we find that it is important to review the certification and licenses of the electrician who signs-up. This is because the main thing that separates a professional electrical contractor from an unprofessional one is license and insurance. We ask the electrician if they are licensed and insured. If they are, it is a sign they take their profession seriously. Beware of going out of your way to getting an uninsured handyman. They would sue you in case an accident occurs while they’re working on your property.

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