• Enthusiasm;
Real Estate is a business where you have a product that you want to offer to your target clients but your target client has too many competing projects craving for their attention. Enthusiasm is a key character one will need. It is the ability to show intense and eager enjoyment as well as, interest to capture and create imagination, so as to secure cooperation. Its quality is contagious in that if you are articulate and enthusiastic about the project you are offering, others are likely to be interested. We human beings tend to mirror each other; monkey sees monkey do kinda behavior. It is the law of reciprocating. Enthusiasm is the way to developing the requisite rapport with buyers and sellers or decision-makers since it has the ability to overcome doubt in the mind of others.
  • Relationship Building;
Real estate does do put to scale your ability to forge strong cooperative relationships with all parties, whether they are directly or tangentially involved. The majority just perceive that the success of real estate is all about money and money, but that is not all true. A lot comes down to personal relationships. This means doing a background check of your contact. Get to know much about them, this helps in knowing what and how to interest them in building that rapport. It will be very wrong to chase away a good buyer due to having a loose conversation in which a small background check would help the whole deal. In building the relationship, it saves time and makes the transaction easy and smooth. It is easy to buy from a friend as opposed to buying from a stranger especially in a business like real estate where losses are in both property and cash. Rapport building does not only make the deal go fast but also brings it to an amicable conclusion to any problem.
  • Showmanship;
In real estate showmanship is another key character. It is the ability to share the project’s dream in a way that is entertaining to create interest in all listening. It is exercised in all the three V’s of communication; Visual (How you look), Vocal (How you sound), and Verbal (what you say). In your communication, you should be able to convey a powerful symbol of reliability and trust. So often through using this character, I have enabled many to gain premium rent and selling price of their property. Buyers and sellers alike, in real estate, have a certain way of dressing, not as wrestlers or DJs but cooperate. They all know you will be addressed according to how you dress or ‘ride’.
  • Informed;
No real estate meeting or any meeting gets one off-guard. This means we are all aware of it from time, date, persons we are to meet, and the meeting agendas. Knowing this ahead of time, there is no room for failure. You are required to spend enough time preparing for the meeting. Since negotiations are expected, be armed with full information and predicated answers to objections. If it is at the site, have the right location pin to share with clients ahead of time. Knowing the access roads and terrain advice on an automobile to use etc. Being well prepared gives one the edge of anticipation. Preparedness saves on perspiration and as we all know, failure to plan is planning to fail. You should be the most informed person in the room, not only of the project but also of the parties that you are sitting with.
  • Tenacity;
In every endeavor, we are required to give our all, but in real estate, all is not enough if not the very best service to the client. This means that you have to access all the right avenues that will give the client satisfaction. You are required to know everything about the area from the city plans on the area, any changes in regulations to buyers or tenants, any new developments that are coming that will either promote or degrade, to an area in terms of investment returns, etc. Everything worth doing is difficult, and in order to accomplish it, you have to be tenacious. Clients are usually turned off when the realtor is not hands-on. Everyone generally is lazy and will give it all if they find someone who can do the work for them, so be that person, and rewards will follow you.
Remember if you are able to make the best trap and you live in the forest, the world will create a footpath to your door. Both buyers and sellers will look for you, they know or have been referred to you because of your integrity in being a tenacious person.

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